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​Solitary Islands Marine Park  East Coast  NSW Australia
        A Wildly Natural Luxurious Australian Beach Experience

An Australian oceanfront haven for indigenous, flora and fauna.

Tranquilo Beach House when not rented for Luxury Holiday rentals  and service the new film studio in Coffs Harbour, will offer Retreats/Mediation/education/healthy living and cooking programs  As well as  cellular detoxification, restoration, contemplation programs  A wholistic regeneration of body mind and soul. 


Our Programs are based upon the Auyervda WHOLISTIC approach to health, for complete physical, mental and Spiritual harmony. Bought to Tranquilo by 

The Raju family, of Hyderabad, INDIA, a foremost Healing family for the past 1400 years.

The physicians and herbalist for the Maharishi.

WELLNESS programs are based on the Ancient Vedic knowledge of Ayurveda 


The Raju Panchakarma Programs  min 23 day to 60 day experience 

For a fee of $-750 a day all inclusive of WELLNESS programs and experience.

Tranquilo Beach House will operate as the center where all treatment, classes and meals will take place. The center will Accommodate the the visiting practitioners and teachers, those operating and managing the center .


All guests will have the choice of prescreened local accommodation whom will support their rejuvenation process and can be tailored to their own financial means. -

currently building accommodation data base to add to our website for guests to book separately.


We grow all of our herbs and vegetable on site and encourage guests to learn the plant and Food medicine, all meals are to support the healing of your system 

Start your morning with a Pulse Reading before beginning the wonderful body treatments to sooth the senses, take a meditation class or Wellness class if you like after lunch and then more treatment 

The morning will start with coastal and rainforest walks,  photographic tours, canoeing, paddle boarding,  snorkeling ,

Or if you simply just wish to unwind, no better place than tranquilo,  ,chlorine free Bromine swimming pool, 

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